The BEST New Sims 4 CC of 2024 (Updated for April 2024)

Here is all the must-download new Sims 4 cc, updated every single month!

new sims 4 cc

Every year, sims 4 custom content gets better and better. And my game runs slower and slower. 😂

But I don’t care because I need my sims to look gorgeous, and I want their homes to be cute as well!

Today, I’m sharing what’s in my personal Sims 4 cc folder that I think is the best custom content of this year.

Best New Sims 4 CC Downloads:

I’ll be updating this list every single month this year. The newest stuff is at the bottom of the list. This will be like a yearbook of cc!

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Essen Nook by MyshunoSun

A cute shabby chic furniture set that includes a desk, chair, dresser, overgrown ivy, wall shelf, and a vase in a variety of swatches.

Paris Street Style CC Pack by LIJOUE

A clothing cc pack full of street-style staples. The lace cami is a must-have.

Taffy Dress by Twisted Cat

The perfect, casual spring dress for your sims. It comes in 26 pastel colors and patterns.

Gemini Bedroom by MyshunoSun

Gemini Bedroom is a furniture cc set of 8 contemporary bedroom items. There’s a wide variety of vivid and neutral swatches available.

Tiny Playrooms CC Pack by SIXAM CC

This collection brings an array of whimsical toys, objects, and furniture for your littlest Sim kiddos. Picture this: Tiny kitchens, miniature musical instruments, and a whole lot of imaginative fun!

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a sim in the sims 4 wearing a custom content hair that is long and wavy

Raven Hair by TwistedCat

A gorgeous wavy, side-swept hairstyle in 24 swatches.

a custom content living room in the sims 4

Judith Living Room CC by Taurus Design

A huge furniture cc pack for the living room. It features 60 items that are both luxurious and modern.

a picture of 3 sims in the sims 4 wearing custom content winter outfits

Snowflake CC Pack by Caio

Snug and stylish winter clothing for your sims!

a picture showing four pairs of cc sneakers for the sims 4

Sneaker CC Pack by Jius-Sims

An essential set of cc shoes. Four pairs of sneakers: platform, high tops, and two low-tops.

a sims 4 sim with a custom content skin and custom content freckles

Dewy Skin Overlay & Freckles by Twisted Cat

A gorgeous skin overlay to give your sim, dewy-looking skin with super realistic freckles.

a custom content kitchen in the sims 4

Aesthete Kitchen Furniture Set by KKB

A luxurious, vintage-style kitchen cc pack with a beautiful set of swatches. (Yes, I do need an entirely purple kitchen, thank you very much!!)

a picture of a vareity of kitchen custom content appliances for the sims 4

Cute Kitchen CC by Hydrangea

To go along with my cute new kitchen cabinets, here are cute custom appliances to match!

a sim with a custom content hair in the sims 4

Nyla Hair by Twisted Cat

An essential, cute & sophisticated short hairstyle.

an ad for a custom content default phone case replacement for the sims 4

Default Phone Case Replacement by Jessica

New cute, sleek designs for your sim’s phone that come in a variety of swatches. 

a sims 4 sim with a cc skin

Lora Sims 4 Skin Overlay by Euno Sims

A super pretty, matte skin great for taking pictures of your sims.

a custom content bedroom in the sims 4

BGIN Bedroom CC Pack by Tuds

An inexpensive bedroom set perfect for stater households that still looks trendy and gorgeous!

a custom content art room pack of items in teh sims 4

Art Room CC Pack by myshunosun

A 10-item custom content pack that includes plenty of items for decorating your artist’s sim’s workspace, including a functional easel!

custom content eyebrows on a sim in the sims 4

Essential Brows by TwistedCat

A must-have set of four cc eyebrows.

 a custom content garage in the sims 4

Garage & Storage CC Pack by Max 20

A pack of items for your sim’s garage and storage area to add a bit more realism to the game.

a custom content pantry in the sims 4

Pantry Party CC Pack by Piersim

And for even more realism, deck out the pantry with this furniture custom content pack that includes shelving, a chest freezer, cleaning items, etc.

a custom content bathroom in the sims 4

Rosa Bathroom by myshunosun

A stunning bathroom cc pack that includes vintage-inspired items in a modern color palette.

a custom content hair and outfit in the sims 4

Redacted Outfit & Hair byTwistedCat

A mini-set of cc with a must-have trendy, edgy hairstyle.

a custom content living room in the sims 4

Stefan Living Room Pack by Piersim

This is a pack of 52 custom content items for your sim’s living room, including linen sofas, molding for the ceiling, tons of curtains, etc.

Comment below and let me know what you think should be included as some of the best sims 4 cc of 2024!

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