19+ Stardew Valley House Interior Design Ideas to Inspire You

Get inspired by these incredible house interiors in Stardew Valley!

stardew valley house interior ideas

I’ve been playing Stardew since it came out in 2016. It’s now one of my comfort games when I’m feeling a bit stressed or overwhelmed. And there’s nothing more cozy & relaxing than decorating your house.

But oftentimes, I need some inspiration to spark my creativity. Having new ideas for how to decorate and layout my house is super helpful, especially after the new 1.6 update!

I searched all over Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Pinterest to find the very best house interiors in Stardew Valley!

I figured it might also be something you were searching for so I’m sharing the interiors that I found! 🤗

Best Stardew Valley House Interior Ideas

Some of these are entire galleries of photos, so click on the arrows to see more photos of each plaza!

House & Cellar by _filthy_casul_

Cozy Stardew Cottage House by emiliascozycorner

Large Stardew Valley House Idea by Paige Richardson

100% Vanilla Game Cute House Design by Manu Paltita

Save This list of Ideas for Later!

Aesthetic Modded Bedroom in Stardew by orangeblossom

Stardew Bed & Breakfast Farm by Lena Marise Talam

Pink & Girly Stardew House Interior by Natasha Evelyn Smith

Amazing Stardew Valley House by crystal_boy_19

1.6 Update House Interior by jigglypuffbird

Stardew Valley Farmhouse Interior by simple.hylian

Incredible Vanilla Stardew House Design by Katie Cook

Big Stardew House Interior by Odd_Grey_Faun

Year 8 Stardew House Interior Design by Sethroid666

Cute & Cozy Interior Design by Anonymous

Booklover’s Stardew House Interior by Niki Miller

Up Next: Wizard Catalogue by Deuxx_Machina

Cute Stardew House Layout by Babinis

Huge Decorated Stardew Valley House Interior by Mxtn16

Ginger Island Stardew House Idea by Wendy Ramero

Stardew 1.6 House Interior Year 5 by Jen Little

What kind of house are you going to design for Stardew Valley? If you complete it and want to share it, email me, and I’ll add it to the list!

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