27 Aesthetic Nintendo Switch Setups for Girls

Make your Switch more aesthetic and get inspired with these cute Nintendo switch setup ideas!

Lately, I’ve been really wanting to make my switch look more aesthetic, but I didn’t know what vibe and colors I wanted to go with.

There are so many different niche aesthetics in the gaming world, like pastel gamers, warm aesthetic, green aesthetic, white aesthetic, kawaii, cottagecore, etc.

So, I did TONS of looking on Instagram for inspiration and put together a list of the cutest switch setups I found!

All photos belong to their respective owners, so if you’re looking for links to their Nintendo Switch accessories, please visit their pages!

Oh, and here’s a huge list of cozy games you can play when you’re done decorating your switch!

Nintendo Switch Aesthetic Ideas

a nintendo switch with a yellow case

Yellow Pokemon Nintendo Switch by thiccpokebois

Warm Aesthetic Nintendo Switch by nooksandnovelz

a nintendo switch with a gray case and cloud joycons

Simple Switch Aesthetic with Cloud Joycons by cloudi.vy

Pink Nintendo Switch Setup by elyxirine

Save This list of Ideas for Later!

Cottagecore Switch Aesthetic by nintenbunny

Cute White Aesthetic by gamergirlgale

Girly Pink Gamer Switch Aesthetic by earlgraymiki

Pink Kawaii Switch Aesthetic by jookstogo

Kawaii Purple Setup by marsarroyo

Kawaii Switch Aesthetic by pinkokoa

Cute Harry Potter Switch Aesthetic by estelle.pastelle

Green Aesthetic Nintendo Switch by cozywithlexii

White Cozy Gaming Setup by nya.games

Sailor Moon Switch Setup by vlntns_dyy

Cute Blue Pokemon Switch Lite by michulec

Aesthetic Pastel Yellow Switch by simplygames_

Purple Switch Aesthetic by nya.games

Cute Green & Blue Switch Setup by thebabybatx

Kawaii Disney Dreamlight Setup by elyxirine

Kawaii Frogs Aesthetic by wisteriem

Pastel Baby Blue Switch by mei.kawaiiworld

Girly Pink Pastel Aesthetic by magicalfay

See-through Pink Joycons by babypinkgamer

Brown Switch Aesthetic by nooksandnovelz

Yellow Kawaii Switch Setup by spicykawaii_

Halloween Switch Aesthetic by tofuscorner

nintendo switch with pokemon cover

Cute Pink Pokemon Aesthetic by pennoona

Which of these setups was your favorite? If you have one that you’d like to share for this list, email me, and I’ll add it!

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