The BEST Way to Make Money Quickly in Palia

Here’s an incredibly easy way to make money in Palia super fast, especially if you’re a new player!


So, I just started playing Palia this week, and I’m OBSESSED. I can’t stop playing. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite cozy games of all time, especially since it’s free!

But when you’re first starting out, it can be difficult to make a lot of money since you haven’t unlocked everything or leveled up very much.

Palia offers so many fun and interesting ways to earn money, but not all of them are efficient or easy. Sometimes, you need a method that doesn’t take up your entire day but still gives you a hefty amount of coins.

After experimenting with various activities, I’ve discovered the quickest way to make money in Palia when you’re first starting out! 🪙

How to Make Money in Palia

Popular Money-Making Methods in Palia

In Palia, you can earn coins through a variety of activities. Some players swear by farming, planting crops, and selling the harvest. Others focus on mining and selling rare ores. Fishing is another popular option, with certain fish fetching high prices at the market. Then there’s crafting, where you can create valuable items from gathered resources.

While all these methods have their perks, they often require a significant time investment and skills.

But what if I told you there’s a way to make quick money without dedicating hours to repetitive tasks? A method that combines strategy, a bit of luck, and a whole lot of fun? Intrigued yet? Keep reading to uncover the best-kept secret in Palia for making quick money!

The Hidden Gem: Hot Pot Minigame

So, let’s get to the good stuff. One of the best ways to earn quick money in Palia is by playing the hot pot minigame.

Trust me when I say you’ll make coins fast and have a lot of fun!

Finding the Hot Pot Minigame

The game is purposely hidden to give it a cool, underground vibe. It’s tucked away down in The Sewers. The entrance is right behind the Remembrance Garden. I’ve included a couple of pictures to help you find it:

Sewers are Located at My Way Point Near Remembrance Beach
The Sewers Entrance

It won’t be hard to miss the hot pot tables when the games are going, because tons of players will be standing around them. They know it’s good money!

Important: The hot pot game is only available from 6 PM to 3 AM, so you’ve got to plan your visit.

The Hot Pot Tables Before Game Time

You’ll also notice that the black market is also down there. Once you’re further ahead in the game, you’ll also receive keys from Zeki and Reth to get there even easier.

How to Play

The hot pot minigame is super fun and pretty straightforward. The goal is to create three sets of three tiles each. Here’s the scoop on the two types of sets you can form:

  1. Three-of-a-Kind Set: Three tiles with the same category and same ingredient.
  2. Category Set: Three tiles of the same color category but different ingredients.

You’ll be playing with up to three other players, and the game kicks off once everyone is ready or after a 90-second wait if the room isn’t full. You draw tiles from a central pile, discard the ones you don’t need, and aim to form your sets.

The first person to complete their sets clicks “Let’s Eat!” to win the game.

The game can be really quick or last many, many rounds depending on what tiles people need to complete their sets. I’ve had some hot pot games that only last 4 rounds and some that went on for 20 rounds! The game goes until someone wins.

If you need more help understanding the tiles, check out this wiki post!

Hot Pot Scoring

Now, let’s talk money. You earn points based on the sets you complete:

  • Three-of-a-Kind Set: 120 points
  • Category Set: 60 points
  • Winning Hand Bonus: Varies

On top of that, you get table points from all matches made during the game.

That’s why the optimal hotpot strategy is for everyone at the table to try and get three-of-a-kind.

This reddit user said it best: “I was playing hotpot and realized something. Since we basically share the points of the table wouldn’t it be beneficial if everyone just went for a 3 of a kind for all of their sets to maximize the amount of tickets everyone at the table gets?

How Much Money You Earn Playing Hot Pot

You earn the same amount of coins, as the amount of points. So, let’s say the round ends with 195 points, you’ll get 195 coins.

So the better the table does, the more coins you earn!

I’m still trying to figure out how much earning potential there is with Hot Pot, but from what I’ve personally experienced, it’s a good amount!

This reddit user claims, “The most you can get at a table by yourself is like 360 but it’s possible to clear 1000 without winning at a table with multiple players”

You can also get ‘Lucky Envelopes‘ if the table gets a really high score, which I haven’t experienced yet. 🥲

Tips and Tricks for Winning

Here are a few tips I’ve picked up from countless games:

  1. Get There Early: The game is only available for a limited time, so make sure you’re there by 6 PM to get a spot. Tons of players will be waiting.
  2. Watch and Learn: Pay attention to what tiles others are discarding. It can give you hints about their strategies.
  3. Play a lot: The more you play, the better you’ll get. At first, I barely understood what was going on, so I didn’t win. But I quickly picked it up and now I’m addicted.

The hot pot minigame in Palia is my go-to for making quick money. It’s fun, strategic, and if you play your cards right, very rewarding. So next time you’re in Palia, head over to The Sewers from 6 PM to 3 AM and give it a shot.

I’ve been using all my money to upgrade my house. What will you use yours for?

If you want, feel free to add me on Palia: Zelphia Ashtar. Let’s be friends!

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