21+ Insanely Cute & Easy Princess Peach Costume DIY Ideas

Looking for an easy DIY princess peach costume? I’ve put together the absolute best DIY peach costume ideas that are cute, easy, and cheap!

best princess peach costume diy list

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If you’re a female Nintendo fan like me, then you’ve probably always loved Princess Peach from the Super Mario series. Female characters are notoriously limited in video games, so with Peach being one of the only options, most of us gals were obsessed!

She’s adorable and badass; what’s not to like?

I personally always chose either Peach or Daisy whenever I played Mario Kart against my cousins on the GameCube. (Peak nostalgia right there!🥹)

So, whether you’re looking to fulfill a childhood dream by wearing a Princess Peach Halloween costume or need inspiration to create a cosplay costume, I’ve got you covered with a list of cute DIY options.

But if you’re low on time and/or funds, you can create the absolute easiest peach DIY costume with only TWO things: a Princess Peach Crown & a Pink Dress.

I promise people will get the reference! You might even already have a pink dress lying around that you could use. So simple!

Best Princess Peach Halloween Costume Ideas:


Insanely Easy Princess Peach Costume DIY

As I mentioned in the intro, the easiest way to create a homemade princess peach costume is to grab a pink dress and a crown. And then with very little effort, you can make the costume even better with white gloves and a Nintendo plush.

Photo Credit: Catherine West

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:

Diy Princess Peach Halloween Costume

Cute DIY Princess Peach Costume

Isn’t this adorable? I love the hot pink tulle around the waist of the dress. It definitely adds to the aesthetic and makes the character even more recognizable.

Photo Credit: Catching Up with Claire

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


DIY Peach and Bowser Halloween Costume

Not only is this an adorable couples costume, but her version of Princess Peach is SO CUTE! The addition of the amulet on the top pulls it all together and makes the character unmistakable.

Photo Credit: Melody Dawkins

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Mario and Princess Peach Costume

This costume is giving Princess vibes for sure. It’s not a super obvious Peach, so you may need a Mario to complete the look, but here’s how you can recreate it.

Photo Credit: classycleanchic

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DIY Peach and Daisy Halloween Costume

If you’re looking for an easy costume to recreate with your best friend, this is a great duo costume idea! All you need are tutus, tank tops, and princess crowns. Don’t forget the balloons for an added Nintendo reference.🎈

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Mario and Princess Peach Family Costume Idea

If the whole family loves Nintendo, why not go as Peach, Mario, and Baby Toad? Moms can easily recreate this look without breaking the bank. Win, win!

Photo Credit: Meagan Barbee

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Easy Princess Peach Adult Costume

If you’re looking for a more grown-up and sophisticated Princess Peach, Tricia of Covet by Tricia shows you exactly how to recreate this stylish costume on her blog.

Photo Credit: Covet by Tricia


Princess Peach Costume DIY

Here’s another cute and simple peach costume by Taylor Phillips. The bag and shoes are what make this costume! You can see how to DIY the entire thing on Taylor’s blog.

Photo Credit: a pearl kind of girl

princess peach costume diy

Sexy Princess Peach Costume

If you’d prefer a sexy princess peach instead of a cute princess peach, grab some stockings and a tight hot pink dress to be a knockout at this year’s Halloween party.

Photo Credit: Jenna Whitney

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:

princess peach apron costume

DIY Princess Peach Costume for Women

I’m obsessed with this Princess Peach apron you can get on Etsy! Add a few simple accessories, and you have an easy peach costume.

P.S. There’s also a Daisy costume apron!

Photo Credit: loverdoversclothing

easy princess peach costume idea

Last Minute Princess Peach DIY Costume

I love how simple this Princess Peach costume is to put together! Hailey shows you the exact pieces to buy on her LTK.

Photo Credit: haileyxbush

Shop Princess Peach Halloween Costumes

If DIY-ing your Halloween costume sounds like too much effort (guilty!✋), here are the absolute cutest peach costumes you can buy online.

Princess Peach Tennis Dress Costume

Official Nintendo Super Mario Bros Princess Peach Costume

Princess Peach Bodysuit Biker Costume


Easy Peach and Mario Halloween Costume

If you need a last-minute couples costume for a Halloween party, this Peach and Mario is super easy to recreate!

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


DIY Princess Peach & Nintendo Family Costumes

This Peach costume is perfect for moms who need a cute and affordable Halloween costume to wear with their family. Your kiddos will love it, too!

Photo Credit: Little Yellow Cottage

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Armored DIY Princess Peach Cosplay

This incredible Princess Peach costume DIY is not for the weak. It’s entirely custom using thrifted & painted Jeffrey Campbell boots, Worbla, gems made from resin colored in silicone molds, and old Christmas Ornaments. If you’re looking for a project, this is the costume for you!

Photo Credit: Lisa Mancini


Easy Princess Peach and Mario Couples Costume

What I really love about this peach Halloween costume is that all the pieces are super re-wearable! You could buy them for the costume, then wear them throughout the year with other outfits.

Photo Credit: eva marie

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Sexy DIY Princess Peach Costume

If you’re looking for a sexy Halloween costume, all you need is a hot pink mini skirt and a light pink crop top for a sexy princess peach costume!

Photo Credit: Danielle Linton

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Princess Peach DIY Costume with Long Pink Dress

If you happen to have a formal pink dress from a past event or prom, this is the perfect chance to re-wear it! Add white gloves and a crown to complete the look.

Photo Credit: Style it With Trix

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Princess Peach in Super Mario Odyssey Cosplay

If you want a unique Princess Peach costume that no one else will be wearing, this recreation of Peach visiting New Donk City is pure perfection! I absolutely love the retro vacation vibes.

Photo Credit: itisalwaystues

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


DIY Princess Peach Cosplay

If you want to go all out with your peach costume, then this one is for you! Luckily, you can buy the dress, but you’ll need to pick up a few accessories like platform heels and an umbrella to create a similar look. The voluminous blonde hair and glittery makeup pull it all together!

Photo Credit: anarkee

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Simple DIY Princess Peach Costume

This princess peach costume diy is just so adorable to me. It’s super simple, but she looks stunning. Grab a short pink dress, a princess crown, ruffle socks, white gloves, and voilà!

Photo Credit: Gabriela Buenrostro

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Princess Peach Adult Costume

I’m in LOVE with this DIY version of Princess Peach. It’s unique, classy, and can be put together with clothes you likely already have. Anna shows you exactly how to recreate it on her blog!

Photo Credit: Anna Danigelis


Last Minute Princess Peach and Daisy Costume

If you and your bestie need a last-minute costume idea for your college Halloween parties, this duo has you covered! Two cute dresses, and crowns, and you’ve got yourself a costume!

Photo Credit: Emily Querry

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:

This post showed all of the best Princess Peach Costume DIY ideas.

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