Bratz Doll Costume Ideas: 10 Iconic Bratz Outfits to Recreate for Halloween

Dress like your favorite Bratz doll with these easy DIY Bratz costume ideas!

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One of my favorite childhood memories is playing the Bratz PC games. I was obsessed with Bratz dolls and video games, so having them come together was a dream come true for my 8-year-old self.

Getting to play as Jade, Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin, and their new friends in Bratz Rock Angelz and Bratz Forever Diamondz was all I could’ve ever wanted.

And as a little girl with a passion for fashion myself, I obsessed over their outfits!

In this roundup, I’ll show you how to DIY some of their absolute best outfits for an easy Bratz Halloween costume.

Best Bratz Doll Costume Ideas:

For all of the costumes, you must get the makeup right.

The Bratz girls are notorious for their super high-glam full-face makeup complete with fake lashes and bold lipstick.

There are tons of makeup tutorials on Youtube that show you exactly how to turn yourself into a Bratz Doll, like this one:

Now that we’ve got our makeup in check, let’s get into the iconic outfits!


Wintertime Wonderland Cloe Bratz Doll Costume Idea

Wintertime Cloe was such a babe. From the baby pink and blue color palette to the bleach-blonde hair, it was definitely a sign of the times.

This costume is a great example of how easy it is to create a Halloween costume out of regular clothes!

If you plan on recreating this one, you can’t forget the crimped hair. It’s all in the details.

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Formal Funk Sasha Bratz Doll Costume Idea

This Bratz formal look is every girl in the early 2000s going to prom, down to the front strands of hair poking out of the updo.

Because of how glam the dress is, you may have a hard time recreating this outfit for cheap unless, in some strange coincidence, you already have a minty-blue formal dress collecting dust in your closet. 🤷‍♀️

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Slumber Party Yasmin Bratz Doll Costume Idea

It’s funny how trends always seem to come back around, like the front blonde highlight in Yasmin’s hair.

And this slumber party outfit is still just as cute now as it was then! It would make the perfect fun and cute Halloween costume.

Photo Credit: Passion4Bratz

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:

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Jade Bratz Doll Costume Idea

Jade was always the absolute coolest of the Bratz girls. She was the cool girl I aspired to be. And Halloween is the perfect time to pretend to be someone you’re not!

Recreate this seriously Y2K outfit by putting together wide-leg green pants, a long sleeve under a cropped baby tee, and a striped beanie.

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:

Rock Angelz Bratz Group Costume Idea

Bratz Rock Angelz Group Costume Idea

As I mentioned in the intro, the Rock Angelz video game was a huge part of my childhood. The edgier Bratz outfits were something we had never seen before!

It also happens to be a perfect group costume for you and four of your friends.

Grab some leather jackets, fashion caps, and snakeskin boots to recreate the look. Oh, and maybe some fake guitars!

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Meygan Bratz Doll Costume Idea

Megyan is the Bratz doll I remember the most. I thought she was insanely gorgeous and I wanted to be her so bad (is that weird?🤣)

This is the perfect Bratz costume for red-headed girls!

Unfortunately, finding an iconic orange shaggy jacket online, like the one she had, seems to be nearly impossible, but thrifting may be the way to go!

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Forever Diamondz Bratz Doll Group Costume Idea

The Bratz Forever Diamondz video game holds a special place in my heart for nostalgia, but the gameplay and graphics are laughable looking back now.

However, the outfits from the game would be a PERFECT Bratz group costume for Halloween. You can even make a whole activity out of it by DIY-ing the tops with rhinestones using a Bedazzler.

Each girl will have a different nickname on their shirt, just like the Bratz in the game – Sassy, Sugar, Glam, Angel, Girly.

Photo Credit:

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:

multiple colors of this faux fur shawl


Dylan from Bratz Costume Idea

If you want your boyfriend or male friend to join in on the Bratz costume fun, have them go as one of the OG Bratz boys, Dylan.

Dylan is so reminiscent of how every guy dressed in early 2000s tv shows like Veronica Mars, The OC, and even That’s So Raven.

Don’t forget the most important part of the costume: the backwards visor.

Photo Credit:

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:

Cameron Bratz Doll Costume for Couples

Cameron from Bratz Costume Idea

Here’s another one for the guys. Cameron, who was another OG Bratz boy.

This outfit is all about the accessories: the messenger bag, the studded bracelet, and the Y2K-style sunglasses over the backwards cap.

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Tweevils Bratz Duo Costume Idea

If you played the Bratz games or watched the movies, this duo is likely familiar.

They’re the spoiled and evil twins, the tweevils.

They would make a great, easy costume for twins or best friends.

Photo Credit:

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:

This post showed all of the best Bratz costume ideas.

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