11+ Best DIY Tomb Raider Costume Ideas

Become the Iconic and fearless Lara Croft with these easy DIY costume ideas!

best diy tomb raider costume ideas

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Whether you’re looking for a Tomb Raider Halloween costume or need inspiration for Lara Croft cosplay, I’ve got you covered with plenty of DIY ideas.

This roundup includes the many different versions of Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider video games series, like the original, Underworld, Legend, Anniversary, and Survivor Trilogy.

Best Tomb Raider Costume Ideas to Transform into Lara Croft:


Easy Lara Croft Halloween Costume

Here’s a super simple way to put together a tomb raider costume this year for Halloween: a gray crop top, black shorts, and a holster belt! So easy!

Photo Credit: Kahlina Johnson

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Funny DIY Tomb Raider Costume

I’m obsessed with this! The normally over-sexualized Lara Croft costume is turned on its head by hilariously making fun of the retro Tomb Raider games. Because of late 90’s video game graphics, Lara became notorious for her polygon-shaped chest. You can easily recreate this funny costume using a bent piece of cardboard under that iconic blue tank.

Photo Credit: hoodbobthugpants

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:

lara croft from tomb raider video game cosplay

Realistic Lara Croft Cosplay DIY

This incredible cosplay costume shows off Lara’s outfit from the first Tomb Raider video game in the Survivor Trilogy. And she nailed it! She seriously looks just like her!!

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Lara Croft Tomb Raider Halloween Costume

The all-black look is everything! Sara shows you exactly how you can recreate it on her blog.

Photo Credit: Sara du Jour

Shop Tomb Raider Halloween Costumes

If DIY-ing your Halloween costume sounds like too much effort (guilty!✋), here are the absolute best lara croft costumes you can buy online.

Lara Croft Treasure Huntress Costume

Black Lara Croft Halloween Costume

Tomb Raider Halloween Costume with Green Tank


DIY Tomb Raider Underworld Wetsuit Costume

If you want a unique Lara Croft costume, you can DIY this wetsuit costume. There are step-by-step instructions for making the belt on the Lara Croft Cosplay blog!

Photo Credit: laracroftcosplay.com


Easy Tomb Raider Halloween Costume

I love this costume idea because you can rewear the combats boots and black crop top for everyday outfits after Halloween. You might already have them in your closet!

Photo Credit: Belen Adan

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Funny PS1 Tomb Raider Costume

One of the most creative Lara Croft costumes I’ve ever seen!! If you really want to make people laugh, get out your crafting supplies and DIY this costume. The nostalgia of low-res Lara Croft polygons will have everyone talking!

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DIY Tomb Raider Anniversary Costume

Here’s another classic Lara Croft outfit recreation from the video game Tomb Raider Anniversary. Don’t forget the backpack!

Photo Credit: Enji

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Tomb Raider Underworld Cosplay Costume

This is an almost perfect recreation of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider: Underworld! With a chocolate brown tank, harnesses, and a few other accessories, you can recreate this look for Halloween!

Photo Credit: illyne

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Lara Croft Evening Dress Costume

If you want a sultry and sexy Lara Croft costume, then replicate the evening dress outfit from the Tomb Raider: Legend video game. You may need an older generation of gamers who played the original games to get the reference!

Photo Credit: Irina Meier

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Last Minute DIY Lara Croft Costume

If you need an easy, last-minute Halloween costume, grab a piece of cardboard and a gray tank and you can be the original Lara Croft.

Photo Credit: missbricosplay

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


DIY Lara Croft Underworld Costume

LeeAnna is a popular cosplayer, so it’s no wonder this Lara Croft costume is amazing. But you can easily recreate this look with only a few pieces! While the actual boots in this cosplay costume are quite pricey, you can find similar ones for a steal on Amazon.

Photo Credit: LeeAnna Vamp

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:


Best DIY Tomb Raider Costume

This has to be hands-down one of the absolute BEST Tomb Raider costumes I’ve ever seen. It helps that she looks nearly identical to Lara Croft! But no matter what you look like, you can put this costume together and Tomb Raider fans will get the reference immediately!

Photo Credit: urethra_franklin

How to Recreate this Costume Idea:

This post showed all of the best Tomb Raider Costume DIY ideas.

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